Updating nz passport

Citizens who were born in NZ do not need to show supporting documentation as part of their application as the passports office has access to your records.

If you are a citizen who was born overseas you may need to show supporting documentation. Regardless of your reason for changing names, the Easy Name Change Guide has full details and procedures for passport name change, including current fees and forms.

Read through the NZ Passports form in detail before commencing your application.

The Netherlands Embassy in Wellington recently provided information about changes to requirements for Passport Applications.

We published this information in the latest Het Auckland Krantje.

They have since received a lot of feedback that their explanation of the new requirements was unclear.

You are not required to have an apostille on every single document.

No credit is given towards any remaining validity in your current passport.

Married or Divorce Name Change If you have been married or divorced you may change the name on your passport at any time.

You can prove this with an authenticated apostilled Denial of Citizenship (i.e. For more information on how to apply for a Letter of Denial, please follow the link:

Open Document You can find more information on how to authenticate (Apostille Certificate) your Letter of Denial below.

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