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But Massa thinks millennials are looking for serious relationships.Real excitement and connection and love our generation very much wants that, said Massa, 30.Grouper doesnt even use the word dating in its marketing.

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Finding a soul mate isn't necessarily what it used to be. How else to explain the 8 million generated annually by the U. "Young people have high expectations for marriage," said Claire M.

Im not the creepy guy whos setting up a triple blind date.

Grouper is part of a new generation of services that facilitate dates online but allow users to introduce themselves in person.

Friends Megan Hutton and Lindsay Pearson recently attended a Stir mixer at a Gahanna bar, having grown hesitant about online dating.

Pearson, 25, was twice stood up by the same guy, while Hutton, 24, caught men lying in their profiles. In-person encounters can also save a lot of time: Online, users can spend weeks messaging before deciding to go on a date only to realize within minutes that theyre not interested in each other.

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