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So all bcos i had noone to love and care for me back in the states,i decided to join my family in going to Africa AM singlewinifred: eaching here i was attack by hoodlums and they took away the address of my dad place and the little money i was holding AM singlewinifred: Right now In the hotel where i lodged i am owing the hotel bills so the Hotel manager seized my travelling document..saying Untill i pay My Hotel Bills AM mrtycoppen: Sounds bad AM singlewinifred: please if can help me out to pay for my bills so i will be set free. AM singlewinifred: okay AM singlewinifred: u there now?I promise to do anything for you and i promise to make you happy and i will pay back the money AM singlewinifred: Right now i need ur help me out and i will like to meet u in ur home as soon as u can help me out i will like to come to ur state to live with I will be Glad If u can Give me a Try and help me Out Of Here. AM singlewinifred: the bill is 0 AM mrtycoppen: I'm not sure how I could help u out. AM singlewinifred: how much can you help me with ?? I need to check with my bank to see what I have in there. AM singlewinifred: can you call the hotel manager AM singlewinifred: so u can tell him that you are going to help me with the bills ? AM mrtycoppen: I'm here AM singlewinifred: so what are u saying my love AM singlewinifred: are u going to help me out from here ??? He came from Ok Cupid (I have since deleted my profile), and his name is Johney_wood (he uses this for all of his e-mails and screen names). Me: I sort of remember you johney_wood: is johney from myspace Me: I can see that - it's listed here on Messenger - where do you come from? Me: Pennsylvania johney_wood: It has been a long time you have come on here? johney_wood: Ohh baby....soon i finish the contract i will be coming back to the state and i will love to meet you in person johney_wood: I know i may be complete stranger to you now but i want you to know soon i will get back to the state Me: Are you kidding me? johney_wood: no am not kidding you ok Me: America already has an immigration problem, and you want me, a single Mom with 3 kids, to send you cash to NIGERIA of all places, to help you come here? I didn't have the money to send him, but it was funny, leading him on. Me: You are asking me, someone you have never met before, a complete stranger, for money so you can come to the United States as an immigrant?johney_wood: I have send it to you johney_wood: That is one of my workers information you will help me send the money too johney_wood: cause is the one going to have it for me at westernunio here johney_wood: You understand me? just got paid in money orders, wants to come visit... I think im going to play with this second one, see what happens..

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AM singlewinifred: yes i do my dear AM mrtycoppen: Where are u now?Do they then ask you to wire the money before you know the cheque has bounced? You take the check to the bank, it appears real to the bank, the bank tells you that it is clear, and you probably trust your bank more than this person you just met on the internet so you take the word of the bank that the check is good and go forward with the transaction. but remember, you don't have the money now because you already wired it on because the bank had told you it was good._________________Shawn Mosch Co-Founder of Victims There is strength in numbers! s_programs Follow our blog us on Twitter, Facebook and more Mosch_______________________________________________This is almost laughable.Days or weeks later the bank contacts you and says "Sorry, it was counterfeit" and they want the money back . Share your story with the media and educate others about scams! I was in a chat room and some girl starting talking to me. I'd never heard of the Nigerian scam through Instant Messenger, but she wanted to chat through IM. I created a new YIM name just to remain semi-anonymous anyway. Automatically she starts hitting me up for money because she's in some hotel room in Nigeria. AM singlewinifred: better AM singlewinifred: where are u now ? AM singlewinifred: i have to get out from you pls my love AM singlewinifred: yes i do AM singlewinifred: u there/ AM mrtycoppen: I'm here. AM singlewinifred: pls Here's the original chat transcript from another site. Jun 15, Queen: Okay Jun 15, mcoppen76: at work, but about to go home.

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