Intimidating classical music

[more] Ditch the face paint and oversized jersey for something more tailored and subtle.Use layers as your defensive strategy when day's temperatures shift from the early morning chill to the afternoon heat...If you're only ever going to know one opera, it might as well be this one. Handel was one of the greatest composers of oratorios who ever lived.An oratorio could be thought of as an opera with no costumes, staging or movement: the singers and chorus stand there and perform a long work that typically tells a continuous story.Well there you have it: my list, highly subjective, intensely ruminated over, and by no means complete.If you were to listen to all of these recordings it would give you a well-rounded feel for the vast sweep of ‘classical music,’ and expose you to the tremendous variety therein.Certain segments of this are extremely popular and you will definitely recognize them.

‘Early music,' as the term is used among musicologists, loosely describes all music before 1750, which was the end of the Baroque era.

Classical music is not only great for relaxing, it can be actively enjoyed as well.

You're in no danger of switching out Led Zeppelin's box set or The Chronic for Classical Concertos in the Key of C, but if you're thinking it's time to deepen your musical repertoire, we've got the perfect launching point into the greatest hits list of classical music.

I'm sure those in the know will skewer me for leaving out any one of ten thousand other possible choices, but three main factors have guided my selection of this If you don't recognize this immediately upon hearing it, you've been living in a cave since the day you were born. Also from the Baroque era, each concerto consists of three movements, and they are very programmatic–that is, different themes represent specific scenes or events through sound.

Please step into the light, pull your fingers out of your ears, and begin your journey towards joining the human race. If you listen closely it's not hard to hear a harvest-time barn dance, slippery winter ice, birds singing, growling thunder and sudden storm.

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