Hes still dating other people

Sometimes it seems as though he never stops talking about his ex or hating on other women in general.Ahluwalia says these are clear signs he’s rebounding.“He’s with you out of a fear of being alone rather than a genuine interest in you as a person,” Ahluwalia says.“He’ll continuously go back and forth between choosing to spend time with [you] and wanting to run away from [you].” If a guy is constantly coming back to you in between all of his failed relationships, you may be nothing more than a shoulder to cry on.Maybe he only seems to notice you when he’s between relationships. College is the time to date around and figure out what you want in a significant other.

“You’ll never be introduced as his girlfriend,” Dr. “You’ll always be introduced as ‘my good friend,’ ‘my dear friend,’ ‘my date’ or ‘the woman I’m dating.’ That’s his way of letting you and everyone in earshot know that he’s here with you, but it’s not that serious.” Ahluwalia also says that if a guy never initiates anything other than physical intimacy, this is a good sign that he’s stringing you along.“When some guys are rejected or dumped, they go to their fallback girl,” says Michael*, a senior at Georgia Tech Lorraine.“The whole purpose of this girl is to reassure the guy.If you hear your guy saying things like, ‘I’m not sure I’m ready yet,’ or, ‘I’m not saying never, but’…then pay attention.” We absolutely hate it when guys do the fade-out thing, but letting a girl know he’s just not that into her is a difficult situation for all parties involved.

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