Dating men with borderline personality disorder

The Hidden Threat So it seems the borderline personality is a large and rather hidden threat to women (and probably some men too although women are usually less violent). Pointing the finger at these guys may feel like kicking on someone who is already lying down.

But they are not victims of anything but their own shaky grip on reality, and excusing them or looking the other way will only make for more violence.

It was an impossible mission to find anything meaningful written about BPD in relation to men. I found a rather lengthy article devoted entirely to the subject.

As this courtship picks up speed, you feel fortunate to have found such a considerate, loving, thoughtful man–but just as you begin trusting that his pronouncements of love are When people ask me why I married my husband, I would like them to read this. He was everything that I had hoped for in terms of a partner, not counting the sex, but I was a sexual mess myself. Schreiber goes on to explain: This is absolutely true.

As expected, they found that crime was most strongly associated with psychopathy (which is a dimensional trait that to some extent can be found in the normal population).

Also as expected, borderline was linked to self-harm.

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I didn’t understand why my husband was ignoring me. You may presume that if you just try a little harder to make him happy, it’ll be possible to have a harmonious relationship with this guy, but you’re just dreaming.

That is a hard road to walk when one has the disorder, and it’s also a very difficult situation if you love someone with it. What resources are available to when there are so little available to your loved one with BPD? Many people struggling with BPD are never diagnosed and, therefore, never treated due to 1) treatment resistance 2) refusal to seek help. Gender bias within the clinical community vis-a-vis personality disorders themselves. It’s refreshing to find a guy who doesn’t censor his feelings/thoughts, and seems emotionally accessible!

Generally speaking, it is believed that BPD affects a larger percentage of women, but if one were to go into the field and poll practicing therapists, then what might one find? It’s incredible that this man appears so completely without guile, he almost instantly puts you at ease and inspires your trust.–which is like music to your soul.

Borderlines thrive on crisis, drama and pain, which contribute to their sense of aliveness–it’s the You may be a strong, well-established, successful woman with a mind of her own, but the Borderline has an uncanny ability to wear you down until you’re second-guessing and doubting yourself.

Fairly soon after your romance takes flight, he could coax you to “open up” or let down your guard, and trust him more.

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