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It seems that my great grandparents’ rule forbidding my grandmother from going out with the same guy twice in a row was a common rule in those days.The Greatest Generation was encouraged to date and discouraged from going steady while in middle school.This meant that by the time she was 17 years old she knew which Bob she wanted to marry.

And yet her community of friends all got married and then stayed married for decades and decades.So I humbled myself and took my grandmother out for dinner to hear why she thought courtship was a bad idea all those years ago.She had predicted the failure of courtship back in the 90s and I wanted to understand how and why. After 20 years there still is no general consensus as to what courtship is.If we put Him and His law above anything else in our life, then He knows that we will be better equipped to both date and court with great integrity.God calls us to first establish a strong relationship with Him, before any other.

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