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Another similar tradition involves the wedding cake.

Several ribbons, carrying trinkets are tied to the cake and just before the cake is cut and eaten, the single girls pull a ribbon each.

The couple walks down the aisle accompanied by the mother of the groom and the father of the bride.

The role of the bridesmaid and that of the best man is nearly non-existent. Another unique custom that is practiced in Argentina is the exchange of rings.

Every wedding ceremony in South America is unique, but the Argentinean one is definitely an intriguing and interesting event.

In most of Argentinean weddings, a bridal shower is organized by the bride’s friends and family. This varies depending on the social class and region they belong to. These parties are often used to surprise the bride and the groom with tricks and prendas.

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When people had large houses, they would hold the parties in them.

Women often occupy different roles in a foreign culture.

Avoid offensive assumptions and behavior by understanding the position of women in Argentinian society: their legal rights; access to education and health care; workforce participation; and their dating, marriage, and family life.

Its old heritage and its customs that date back decades have influenced the Argentinean weddings to a large extent.

Argentinean weddings are known for their vibrancy, the joy and the merriment that it very often accompanied by.

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